Alex Garcia

Principal / Managing Director

Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer and director Alex Garcia is a visual storyteller with more than 20 years of experience working with brands to shape and share their stories. Having won several national and international awards and named “One of the World’s Leading Photojournalists," Alex has worked at some of the largest news organizations in the country, including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. With his knowledge of crafting a message for a mass audience, Alex collaborates with organizations and companies to communicate their message with authenticity. Clients enjoy his strategic thinking, hands-on creativity and personal approach to storytelling. While leading Three Story Media as its principal director on projects, Alex will help assemble and scale teams depending on the needs of a production. 

Laura Husar Garcia

Creative Director

Laura was born into a family of storytellers. As a child, she brought her simple point-and-shoot camera on adventures alongside her father, a long-time newspaper columnist. Her passion for visual storytelling led to an award-winning career with more than 20 years in the editorial world, both nationally and internationally. Laura was a freelance photo editor for magazines such as National Geographic, then returned to her Chicago roots as a photo editor for The Chicago Tribune before joining Three Story Media. Laura brings a keen artistic eye to refine projects from conceptualization to the finished project. Active in the fine arts, she recently exhibited her work at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. When Laura isn’t getting lost on a trail with her yellow lab, she is working hard to supervise the creative storytelling at Three Story Media.

Eugene garcia

Video Editor and Producer

Robert F. Kennedy and Emmy Award-winning photojournalist Eugene Garcia has decades of experience across multiple visual platforms. His video and documentary photography background started while working for international wire services and the Orange County Register newspaper. He has traveled the globe with a wealth of experience documenting multiple U.S. presidential campaigns, natural disasters and in-depth stories from cave tribes in Latin America to suburban communities. Eugene has been involved with video production for over 15 years, bringing his creative shooting and editing skills to a diverse range of corporate and editorial clients. Eugene plays an integral role in the editing and planning room at Three Story Media, helping to shape editing projects to effectively communicate the story of each client’s message.